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Monero Suite brings Monero related services to your machine using Docker.

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If you specify a docker port mapping like this: "3000:3000" it will expose that port on all network interfaces, even if you block it with an ufw rule. If you select directly exposed to the internet, some services will bind the port on the host machine on localhost, so it will not be reachable from the internet, but be accissible to other services on that machine itself.

The Monero daemon, monerod, is the core software that runs the Monero network. It is responsible for storing the blockchain and synchronizing transactions.

All monerod options explained
Retro Terminal



Copy this command into your Debian or Ubuntu terminal. This will install the services you selected. This script will install docker and docker compose. You might have to enter your password. You can always copy the files and commands manually. You need to do it manually, when you are not using a Debian based distro like Ubunutu.

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name: monero-suite
    restart: unless-stopped
    container_name: monerod
      - bitmonero:/home/monero/.bitmonero
      - 18080:18080
      - 18089:18089
      test: curl --fail http://localhost:18081/get_height || exit 1
      interval: 60s
      timeout: 5s
      retries: 10
      start_period: 40s
      - --rpc-restricted-bind-ip=
      - --rpc-restricted-bind-port=18089
      - --rpc-bind-ip=
      - --rpc-bind-port=18081
      - --confirm-external-bind
      - --enable-dns-blocklist
      - --check-updates=disabled
      - --max-log-files=3
      - --max-log-file-size=1048576
      - --no-igd
      - --out-peers=64
      - --limit-rate-down=1048576
      - --public-node
      - --no-zmq
  bitmonero: {}